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Maintenance Check Up

Who needs a Septic Maintenance Check Up?

Sometimes a homeowner does not know the maintenance history of their septic system. This usually occurs when a home is first purchased or has not been serviced recently. Many times we have customers that simply want to determine whether or not their tank needs to be cleaned. 

Other companies would just suggest cleaning the tank because they don't really know if the tank needs to be cleaned. D & J Septic on the other hand uses a tool called a sludge judge to determine if a tank needs to be cleaned.

The sludge judge allows us to look at a cross section of the tank so we can visually see how many solids are on the top and bottom of the tank. This allows us to accurately determine whether the tank needs to be cleaned.

When we perform our Maintenance Check Up we also do a full inspection on the septic tank as well as offer useful information to the homeowner on how their septic system works and how they can get as much life out of their system as possible.


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Maintenance Check Up includes:


  • Sludge Judge Application

  • Inspection of Inlet to Tank

  • Inspection of Outlet of Tank

  • Assessment of Tank Condition

  • Septic 101 Education

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