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Schedule & Pricing

Thanks for considering D & J Septic Services for your septic tank and portable toilet needs! All of our septic tank cleaning costs include disposal and inspection where we use a mirror and flashlight to inspect the inlet and outlet of the tank to make sure everything is flowing properly from the house into the tank and make sure all components are intact so the drain field is being protected. We also utilize the latest in cleaning technology to ensure that every tank is cleaned properly, removing all solids and washing the tank down when possible.


Septic Tank Cleaning Costs: ($0.25/Gallon)

  • Up to 1000 Gallons - $250

  • 1250 Gallons - $312.50

  • 1500 Gallons - $375


Dig Costs:


  • The cost to expose the lids of the tank is $40 per lid up to 18 inches deep.

Portable Toilet Rentals: (All prices include  delivery and Hand Sanitizer in unit)


  • Regular Unit - $150

  • Handicap Unit - $300

  • Hand Wash Station - $150

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