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Outlet Devices

Broken Outlet Baffle

Over time the gases in a septic tank can break down the concrete that makes up the outlet baffle in the tank. When this occurs, the outlet device no longer does it job of holding solids back in the tank. The solids are allowed to travel directly out to the drain field where damage can occur. It is important to repair the outlet device immediately to avoid damaging the drain field.

Prepared Septic Tank Outlet Repair

When repairing the outlet device the leftover concrete from the old device is removed. Then the existing pipe is primed and prepped for installation of the new outlet device.

Septic Tank Outlet Repair

The old outlet device is replaced with a new PVC tee that will not break down from the gases in the tank. Now that the outlet has been repaired, solids are properly held back in the tank and the longevity of the septic system is kept in tact.

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