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YES, We Can Dig In The Winter!

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

A big misconception that some homeowners have is that we are unable to clean septic tanks in the Winter because the ground is frozen and we cannot dig to expose the tank lids.

The fact is that most winters we do not have any issue with the ground freezing. The reason for that?.... SNOW! Snow act as an insulator for the ground keeping those freezing temperatures from causing the ground to freeze. So, contrary to popular belief, we actually look forward to getting a good coating of snow on the ground before the Winter gets too harsh.

A few things to keep in mind for cold weather septic tank maintenance:

  • Please do not remove snow from above the septic tank area before we arrive for an appointment. We appreciate the gesture but removing the snow removes that insulating to keep the ground from freezing. Even just a few hours of exposure in very cold temperatures can cause the ground to freeze and could prevent us from being able to dig to access your tank.

  • Seeing melting in the area of your septic tank? This is a normal occurrence when the tank is more shallow in the ground (usually within about 12 inches of the surface). The warmth of the tank causes the snow to melt over the top of the tank. This can create a strange looking rectangle of melted snow in your yard, but there should be no cause for alarm. This also makes for easy location of the tank for us! ;-)

  • In many cases our trucks will need to access your drive way in order to clean your tank. Please be mindful that our trucks are not 4-wheel drive and do not perform well in slippery conditions. If we have had a recent snowfall, please make sure the drive is clear of snow and salted. Even drive ways with just a slight incline can be difficult for our trucks to navigate when they are icy or snow covered.

With a little bit of preparation and knowledge Winter isn't so bad. We are happy to be available for your septic needs all year round, whether you are in need of emergency service or routine maintenance. We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you soon!

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